Knowledge and experience in the construction industry enables us to help clients find cost-effective, workable solutions, and to take legal action when required. Cardwell Law, PLLC offers advice based on extensive experience in all forms of dispute resolution including mediation, arbitration, and litigation.

Construction and Real Estate Litigation

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  • ​Contract breach and termination
  • Design and construction defects
  • Product defects and failures
  • Mechanic’s liens and bond claims
  • Personal Injury and Wrongful Death
  • Federal and state procurement issues (e.g., proposal preparation, contract negotiation, and bid protests)
  • Register and police copyrights and trademarks
  • Delay and disruption claims
  • Insurance coverage
  • Claims related to real estate transactions
  • Landlord/tenant disputes
  • Environmental contamination
  • Trade secrets and non-compete agreements